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Infection of Human Prevarication (Cysquatch Re​-​Issue)

from by Phylogeny



Thissong is a re-issue of the intrumental tracks we composed with our old band Cysquatch.

Original Live:

Special mention for Mr.Blackman, who was our drummer and former member back in Cysquatch. Check out his actual band here:


from Phylogeny, track released March 23, 2014
Written by Cysquatch (J.Blackman, R.Martin and J.Polo)




Phylogeny Toledo, Spain

Phylogeny started as a Death Metal project in 2013. We wanted to make music where all of our most liked styles and influences could fit in, and blend togheter.

If I had to describe waht we do, I would say that we mix some brutal riffs with melodic tunes in our own personal approach, with a little bit of the technical elemment inherent to the gender itself.

Phylogeny is J.Polo and R.Martin.
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