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Pathologic Imposition

from by Phylogeny

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Our first recorded track



Born from the ground of all human beings, Deprived of compunction
Inner desire to conquer, to rule beneath all the living forms.
Rise from the mass, take the infested throne
Merge with the brood, spread the massacre.


Treacherous being, enslaves all your kind, dictates from the balustrade.Drain from the weak, empower your greed, embracing the soil he control as his skin, seeding chaos…
Harvesting terror with fire scythes

Insidious Tyrant

Horde control, colored parasites
Overmind imposed by elaborated spores, blinded sense, deep into the core, vermin torn apart by human gods.

Rise, Rise as they creep, Spreading parasites, Rooting the power to their bones and souls They Rise, Rise as they creep, Spreading parasites

Risen from the mass.
Inner desire to conquer, to rule.
They spread the massacre.


from Phylogeny, released March 14, 2014
J.Polo: Guitars, Vocals and Drum programming
R.Martin: Bass, Vocals and Keyboards
Lyrics by J.Polo




Phylogeny Toledo, Spain

Phylogeny started as a Death Metal project in 2013. We wanted to make music where all of our most liked styles and influences could fit in, and blend togheter.

If I had to describe waht we do, I would say that we mix some brutal riffs with melodic tunes in our own personal approach, with a little bit of the technical elemment inherent to the gender itself.

Phylogeny is J.Polo and R.Martin.
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