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The Is´Khar Arrival

from by Phylogeny



Since the forge of time, all advent was predicted by the old writings of the Ancients. Power Cosmic.

For them were future, past and present, no soul dared to defy (the power) concealed within the scriptures or those who voice them.

Yet in the thirtieth year, on the fifth moon of the fourth cycle, soil torn apart, convulsing the settlings of sand and stone. The quake .
A structure was revealed, pointing azure pulse beam to the stars.

One for all he stands, by virtue of the staff that gave willpower.

He defied the ancients in the grounds of the temple and faced the pyramid that had arisen from the depths of the unknown veils of darkness.

Bewildered observers followed the light (of the staff, as the looming structure casted obscurity at its gates).

The pyramid came not for menace, but for revelation, dismantling the hesitant plague of those too narrow to embrace it.
The gates opened, and the presence spoke in the mind of every being:

“Fear not, for I bring wisdom. I will ignite the straw walls that encumber your minds: Legacy, Thy name is Is'Khar”.

(Thus the event was remembered as the Is’Khar Arrival, the first unwritten by the scriptures).


from Phylogeny, track released August 5, 2014
J.Polo: Guitars, Vocals and Drum programming
R.Martin: Bass, Vocals and Keyboards
Lyrics by J.Polo
Recorded by J.Polo
Mixed and Mastered by David Fau / Bestplugins Recording Studio (




Phylogeny Toledo, Spain

Phylogeny started as a Death Metal project in 2013. We wanted to make music where all of our most liked styles and influences could fit in, and blend togheter.

If I had to describe waht we do, I would say that we mix some brutal riffs with melodic tunes in our own personal approach, with a little bit of the technical elemment inherent to the gender itself.

Phylogeny is J.Polo and R.Martin.
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