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by Phylogeny

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TurbinoZ100000 Hellacool TDM from a couple of hellacool guys. I played this to my dad and we agreed that the music and the guys were hellacool. Then we spent the next four days high-fiving but had to stop because my palm was bleeding all over the carpeting.

Rating: don't get carpets if you don't want a little blood on them out of 5!
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released March 14, 2014

J.Polo: Guitars, Vocals and Drum programming
R.Martin: Bass, Vocals and Keyboards
Lyrics by J.Polo

Recorded by J.Polo
Mixed and Mastered by David Fau / Bestplugins Recording Studio (

Artwork by Alvaro San Juan (
Logo by Gerigrinerd (

All music written and performed by Phylogeny (J.Polo and R.Martin)




Phylogeny Madrid, Spain

Phylogeny started as a Death Metal project in 2013. We wanted to make music where all of our most liked styles and influences could fit in, and blend together.

If I had to describe what we do, I would say that we mix brutal death with melodic tunes. Always with our own personal approach, and adding a little bit of the technical element inherent to the genre.

Phylogeny is J.Polo and R.Martin.
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Track Name: The Is´Khar Arrival
Since the forge of time, all advent was predicted by the old writings of the Ancients. Power Cosmic.

For them were future, past and present, no soul dared to defy (the power) concealed within the scriptures or those who voice them.

Yet in the thirtieth year, on the fifth moon of the fourth cycle, soil torn apart, convulsing the settlings of sand and stone. The quake .
A structure was revealed, pointing azure pulse beam to the stars.

One for all he stands, by virtue of the staff that gave willpower.

He defied the ancients in the grounds of the temple and faced the pyramid that had arisen from the depths of the unknown veils of darkness.

Bewildered observers followed the light (of the staff, as the looming structure casted obscurity at its gates).

The pyramid came not for menace, but for revelation, dismantling the hesitant plague of those too narrow to embrace it.
The gates opened, and the presence spoke in the mind of every being:

“Fear not, for I bring wisdom. I will ignite the straw walls that encumber your minds: Legacy, Thy name is Is'Khar”.

(Thus the event was remembered as the Is’Khar Arrival, the first unwritten by the scriptures).
Track Name: Seizure of the Tremoctopus
Tear in the sky. Storming clouds, Crumbling of light: The beast glides in
Trompets are howling. Rally the blades. Commence the Hunt.

Vast is the creature, Eight are the limbs, legion the-spikes, red the flaming crust, piercing weeping.

Shall they worship the beast, so the man battle now his own son, wrangling supremacy, foretelling the Goddess intent.

Seizure of the Tremoctopus

Seizure of the Tremoctopus. Vanquish of her Soul.

The presence of the unknown unleashes the war of the creeds among humanity, descended to its inner confines. The son of man worshiped the beast: "Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?"
The hunt triumphs in behalf of the elders: Unnamed arrival twisted into ceremonial slaughter. And he that killeth a beast shall make it good; beast for beast.
Track Name: Pathologic Imposition

Born from the ground of all human beings, Deprived of compunction
Inner desire to conquer, to rule beneath all the living forms.
Rise from the mass, take the infested throne
Merge with the brood, spread the massacre.


Treacherous being, enslaves all your kind, dictates from the balustrade.Drain from the weak, empower your greed, embracing the soil he control as his skin, seeding chaos…
Harvesting terror with fire scythes

Insidious Tyrant

Horde control, colored parasites
Overmind imposed by elaborated spores, blinded sense, deep into the core, vermin torn apart by human gods.

Rise, Rise as they creep, Spreading parasites, Rooting the power to their bones and souls They Rise, Rise as they creep, Spreading parasites

Risen from the mass.
Inner desire to conquer, to rule.
They spread the massacre.